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My Vacuum Cleaner

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#16 Guest_banalex_*

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Posted 13 October 2004 - 09:35 PM

molested cow, I really like your concept and the way you have presented it.

How long did you spend on the project?

The sketches are awsome, I actually got a link to your work from a friend who I asked for sketching advice. The link was to this project (I think it was on coroflot then).

Any advice to a budding sketchartist? other than practice :)

#17 Guest_molested_cow_*

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Posted 14 October 2004 - 12:47 AM

Thx for the compliment.

Well, like what most instructors will tell you, nothing is more important than getting a good foundation on perspective. I am really glad to have taken a combination of classes with the right instructors that covered perspective and line quality, mono-chromatic studies and color renderings. If you get a chance to take a perspective class, make sure you put in 101% of effort to do the assignments. It's going to be boring, but it's worth the time.

Also, I don't think about implimenting a style. My goal is to illustrate my idea in the most efficient and accurate way. There is no point using lines with long tails, or curves when it's supposed to be a straight line. I draw what I meant, that's all.

Usually I render( or sketch render) in a way to tell the form, which means, I tend to render matte surfaces. Unlike most other projects, I intended my vac to have a gloss finish from the start, that's why I rendered it that way. If it's metal, then I will consider if it's sandblasted, brushed or chromed. Also, it's important to illustrate the highlights on the edges, because that will determine the sharpness of an edge, size of a radius, and the overall look of your product. For example, if I were to render a glass lens, I will put extra attention on the glass edge.

Lastly, reading or listening is worthless unless you practise. My sophmore year was hell. All weekends were all nighters. Now I have less work and I feel empty.... I should be doing something. Hope this helps.

#18 Guest_designmorph_*

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Posted 14 October 2004 - 06:31 PM


really into your work here
clear, clean, crisp with good presentation... would be cool to see an advert or something similar to show how you might convey the ideas and qualities of this vac over others to the consumer. Love your drawing style and the rhino modelling.
agree with you that it would be nice to see your final model in a brighter colour.. maybe there good be a few options present within an advert style sheet mentioned earlia?

#19 Guest_elagnai_*

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Posted 14 October 2004 - 08:54 PM

awesome sketching and rendering skills bro. i envy u for that...lol j/k. i was also really impresed with the fact that u told the entire story from concept to prototype. alot of people can learn from this, even myself. i was looking for something to criticize, but i couldn't find anything. keep up the good work and all the best with your career. you have a bright future dawg!

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