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Hi, welcome to the new soon-to-be mega-thread of doodles!

Post your ideas and doodles and other random mess here, who knows, it might inspire (or amuse) someone else!

No rules (as long as it's decent), and feel free to comment! Chairs, cars, phones, jackets and even vacuumcleaners are welcome!

I'll open this thread off with a slightly older doodle I made;


yes, it's a rubbush looking chopper! Notice the obligatory flames :)




to be continued... (yes I'm looking at you, post!!)

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lol, the funny thing was, I have no idea about the proportions of modern choppers, I made this thinking it was waaaay to long and stretched, like a cartoon version of those OCC bikes.. turned out this is nothing compared to some of the stuff out there :)


Some quite serious doodles from you, except for the obese figure hehe. I like the sandal.

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Guest rodanx86

So, in my spare time, I find that I can't "design" anything after a hard day at work. So, instead, I (for unknown reasons) default to drawing giant robots. I don't have to think about anything except perspective and shapes. I find it quite a contrast from the tedium of geometric constraints in the design world.


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