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Guest «AD»

So now, I'm not really sure on whether to post it or not, it was just typically me to work on an idea like that, but well- I hope retrokitsch will contribute to this thread :)




Now, How do I explain, we ( retrokitsch and me, that is) were thinking of a topic so we could sketch something and show each other, I actually wanted to sketch a new "KAZ", that's the thing you wear in the army when fighting...


Well, retrokitsch was the first to spill his ideas: Design a condome...



Now, there are some limitations to designing a condome, I mean, theoretically it would be possible to alter the shape of a condome, but after all, it's about forgetting you wear one.





So we decided, that...we'll make fluorescent condomes- I don't know if this has already been done, could be, but well, here it is...

I've already thought of some slogans, too..






retrokitsch, it's your turn





forgot about telling you: after I had realized, that my pencil-sketch was too low-quality, I decided to draw the condome in MSPaint... :) ...

*ready to receive bashing*


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Guest retrokitsch



I thought about condoms and AD thought about fluorescent.

I think thats a good original idea. The aspect which can be worked is the fluorescent surface.

I think too that the color can change, like a rainbow fluorescent condom for gays (sure a best seller lool).


I made that: :D



and that:



(with a lot of irony that's serious)

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Hey guys, while I enjoy joking around at times we are trying to keep this forum as 'on topic' as possible. Messing about can be fun and all, but we do intend to keep this foum serious in its intentions. That doesn't mean we lack a sense of humour, but yeah you get the point :P

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Guest «AD»

well, we tried to keep this professional, too, I mean, it's not that we want to drag down the level of your forum- I get your point, though, you think of us as the forum's jolly jokers.


But there really was something like a design process going on- that's why I thought it would be okay....


Other than that- don't you have any crazy ideas sometimes? :P

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