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2005/2006 Sketches

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Guest cmegens

Ok the first comment: The perspective is off!. Don't worry, you're just as bad in perspective as about 50% here. And that is something everybody should be ashamed about. Please put some effort in drawing with the right perspective. It's so easy to get it right, it just takes a good eye, and some construction lines before you start to draw.


Second: when trying to draw a future car, like a 2009 porsche, try to be more innovative and exaggerate more. Now your drawing looks like a 2004 porsche that had an accident. That's not a good thing for a drawing to say, especially since it takes up an amount of time, which is now wasted. Think before you draw, especially this detailed.


Your drawing techniques however look ok.

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Guest charly_senn

That's a bit harsh Cmegens.


Why not drop a sketch of how the drawing is out of perspective rather than sit there are slate the drawing? The likes of Parel and other do this regularly - to HELP other people.


Dino, your perspective is a bit out. Perhaps try doing a few sketches of cars with a photo underneath so you can get the basic form vs perpective.


Failing that, draw with the box method and watch those vanishing points!


Keep going and you will get it in time.


Cmegens, does bring up one fair comment - the styling of the Porsche is a bit current. Take a look back at where Porsche have been and then how the current cars are - what trends hae they followed, what styling cues have they kept and things like this. Then incorporate these into your new designs.


Keep posting!



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