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Members Card Idea!

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Hi all!


I've taken the task of designing the members card and logo for a amateur sailing club of my shcool (merchant maritime academy). I've come up with some ideas, but I have a hard time choosing! Could you bright people please help me with some constructive critisism?!

One is more "racing" and the other is more of a "classic" theme... I dunno, just state your opinion!


BTW; the logo will be the same general design as the members card.


Regards/ ZexeL


The order is f***ed up... I have no idea of how to fix this, well, I guess you see what belongs to what... image 1 is the front of card 1 and image 4 is the back of card 1.

Image 2 is the front of card 2 and image 3 is the back of c.2... ¬¬





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Tnx for giving an answer! I really appreciate it! =)


Well, you see Renzsu, the two middle images ARE already combined, the top blue one is the FRONT of the members card, and the one below it is the back... see?!


I'll see what to do, I'm currently working on one more design, I'll present this on Tuesday so, we'll see what the others of the club have to say! =)



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