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Guest Autophobius

if anyone wants other magazines there is:

Wallpaper http://www.wallpaper.com/

Icon http://www.icon-magazine.co.uk/

NewDesign (this is a really really gOood magazine so check this one out for sure.. and an other of my favourates..) http://www.newdesignmagazine.co.uk/

FX http://www.fxmagazine.co.uk/#


frame http://www.framemag.com/

i have to be honest i got th first issue and i absoultly lovd it!! and then i couldn't find it again!! darn it!! never to be seen again but if anyone find Frame again it's a Way cOool read... :P


other ones i get are:

Creative Review http://www.mad.co.uk/publications/cr/

Dazed and Confused http://www.confused.co.uk/

I.D http://www.idonline.com/adr04/

I.D Magazine http://www.i-dmagazine.com/primary_index.htm and http://www.i-dmagazine.com/previews/251/spreadsframe2.htm

Vogue http://www.magscriber.com/magazinedetail.a...&OVMTC=standard

Surface http://www.surfacemag.com/

Design Week http://www.mad.co.uk/publications/dw/

Blue Print http://www.isubscribe.co.uk/title_info.cfm?prodid=4847



and an other of my favourates

Graphotism http://www.graphotism.com/gotflash.asp


if your in Turkey o in Cyprus a really cOool design magazine is

AD (i couldn't find the site for this.. soOorry)

this is such a cOool magazine and when i went back home it had soOOo much stuff that i really loved and amazing!!


hope you all njoy the list :)


i couldn't subscibe to them all so i look at the lastest issues and get the ones that interest me :P


mainly all of htem heheheh but i have to leave the decision up to you :)

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Guest CheckMate

yea i was thinking of getting a magazine subscription now you mention it and being a student and all. are any of these prodominantly uk based?


do people know moco loco? wot do you think of it?




which is the best one for product and industrial design?


i'd preferably like one that shows interesting uses of materials, new materials, new technologies, new manufactureing techniques, that sort of thing and maybe electronics too? do any of them have this sort of stuff in them? or is there somewhere else to look for these sort of things?

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Guest gethinrob

The Institute of Engineering Designers Magazine is very good (bi-monthly)




Their website is not great - but the magazine is good - if you sign up you also get some letters after your name !


= )


I have also found Computer Arts pretty good too.....


Its not specifically for product design but it helps loads with the sort of software we use !




Check it out - Selecta !

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