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Guest rodanx86

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Guest R.B

For textures, that are handy for personal use, but also free commercial licenses -






Not free, but excellent stuff -



For a really cool blog on things and places -




A solid staple that everyone here probably knows about -






Sweet 3D software to check out-


https://mudbox3d.com/ It's beta, but MudBox does kick some arse for the flowing pipeline in concept work.


To chill out and have some fun -





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Guest ajampaniki

I love coming to this forum and look at what other people design, and to get some inspiration when I'm in a low. So what I would like to know: what are your websites about design and engeneering. Topicstarter begins so here's one of my favorites: core77

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Maybe we should merge this one with an older topic about websites:



My favorites:



DesignByMesse Blog





NewWebPick (you should download the magazine, it's fantastic)

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Guest w i l l

www.treehugger.com is good and my forum has some weird stuff, although it is more of a blog as no one posts apart from people trying to sell sex pills.


Also I recommend the Stumbleupon plugin for Firefox. Set it to look for design and you will not believe what the internet has available.

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