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Industrial design (industrial design, industrial design) is one of the design industries that consists in determining external and internal qualities, as well as its functional and structural features. In this connection, the industrial designer should be involved at all stages of creation: from the moment of occurrence of the concept stipulated in the verbal form - to designing, modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing of products!


The duties of 3D designer for industrial prototyping include:

  • formation of ideas and concepts with a copywriter and marketer;
  • creation of sketch and model of the product;
  • creation of the 3d model of the product;
  • 3D visualization of the 3D model of the product;
  • prototyping of the product.

Industrial 3d design requires interaction in several spheres of life:

  • art (the elegance of forms, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the product without a deep understanding by the designer of culture and art - the very thing that forms a sense of beauty in a person, as well as professional skills that fully reflect their knowledge and imagination in the right design concept);
  • marketing (in addition to functionality, the product should be attractive for a given purpose, for this, when developing a prototype, it is important to take into account all the patterns of marketing promotion in the market as a whole and in relation to a particular tariff segment, in particular);
  • technology, engineering (the prototype should be maximally functional, which requires the designer not only graphics (artistic) education, but also technical, only the most constructively thought out and ergonomically designed products have a chance to win favor with the buyer - in earnest and for long.

That's why in the company Tsymbals Designs above the orders in the field of prototyping is working closely with specialists. It's right now if you do not want you to do this.

Areas of application of industrial 3D design:

  • prototyping of household appliances and its individual elements;
  • prototyping of products;
  • prototyping of land and air transport;
  • prototyping of furniture and individual elements of the interior;
  • prototyping of utensils;
  • the body of the device.


Prototyping (creating a prototype object) is one of the most important stages in the development of the industrial design. About ten years ago, when rapid prototyping technologies were at the dawn of their development, prototypes were collected manually. The process was long, time-consuming and expensive. Now - the time and price costs have decreased by an order of magnitude. But the price of prototyping still depends on the complexity of the 3D model, as well as the cost of material and time to create a prototype.

Rapid prototyping technology
What is the technology of rapid prototyping? It consists in creating a realistic physical model of the object on the basis of a three-dimensional graphics model. The creation process can differ according to the production technology of the 3d model:

  • molding (with its help, molds are created on the basis of the graphics 3d model, modern technologies allow creating forms of high accuracy; in the presence of a finished mold, one can not only create a prototype product but also produce a trial series of products or arrange small-scale production);
  • 3d milling (in the technology of rapid prototyping milling machines with CNC are used, which process the workpiece on the basis of a given 3d model);
  • 3d printing (printing 3d model on a 3d printer).

Tsymbals Desings specialists fully suggest to develop an industrial design for your product, perform a rendering, and also create a prototype product. In addition, the production facilities of the company will help to produce a trial series of products or to organize small-scale production. We have the necessary experience, and for many years business processes have been streamlined, which will significantly reduce the cost of work.

More about me and my activity - you can find here - https://saluteitalia.net/

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