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Best Marker Colors To Start With

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I'm into automotive design and i like to sktech cars a lot, and i got very interested in design markers.

I don't want to spend a lot of money buying big set of them because they are very expensive.

I though i could start with 8 colors but when i saw the color chart i just couldn't decide which ones to pick.

I wanted to start with cool gray colors but i didn't know how many of them and which shades. i also liked blue gray colors but they might too blue.

also few strong colors would be good like red or orange but again, which one should i pick. it's very frustrating and so that's why i'm here seeking advice from somebody that has good experience.


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Get at least 3 cool greys; 2, 4, and 8 are my base picks.

Get cadmium orange and a vermillion red. An ice blue for sky reflections, a sand for ground reflections.

Add acid green and you have a strong base set.


What I have is Copic marker C2, C4, C8, YR07, YG07, B12 and E33.


Also check ebay, craigslist and local stores for deals. Also if you get to the UK, markers are much less expensive there, I bought dozens of Letraset markers for less than a pound each.

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