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What Factors Give A Product Personal Value?

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Hey all,


I am lately very much thinking about intrinsic and personal value of products. I wrote a piece named '6 factors of product value' at http://www.codawatch.com/2017/02/19/6-factors-of-product-value/


I am talking here about factors that are something else than the standard three - functionality, cost and design. Factors I mention are the use of a product in a ritual, the capability of a product to retain a memory, symbolism, personalisation, durability and the value of gifts.


Do you know additional factors for value? I would love to hear it.



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Interaction is often overlooked. The way a product functions is often determined by its mechanism, and to operate on the mechanism there needs to be a human interaction. This creates a gap between how the device works vs. how the customer thinks it works. You can play with that to leave strong impressions on the customer.


Check out the research of Pieter Desmet at the IO Studiolab Delft, he has written a lot about how people relate to products.

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