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Autocad Dwg To Solidworks 3D

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Afternoon all,


Little background before we start... I'm currently an estimator for a general contractor and we do a lot of new residential development on some steep hillsides. I've never been happy with the estimating software I have available, and continually try my hand at "building" the site and conditions in solidworks from the 2D PDF plans. I've always had trouble with contour lines and surfacing and feel like I need a kick in the right direction to properly learn this software. (I've been fumbling around with SW since 2008 with little to show for it since it has only ever been lightly used for personal projects.


I've been struggling with importing some AutoCAD DWG files into Solidworks for a residential construction project I would like to model. I would like to create a solid body using the topographical contour lines, or translate the SRF-View "layer" from the TOPO.dwg into a surface within Solidworks. There are at least 4 DWG's that are xref'd and there is a conflict when importing the complete DWG file as a result.


I guess my first question is where do I start? I have AutoCAD Civil 3d 2017 and Solidworks 2016 at my disposal. I'm not at all familiar with AutoCAD but I've got some basic understanding of Solidworks, however, not much experience with surfacing. I attempted to track down the point cloud file that was likely used in AutoCAD, but the engineer no longer has it, and I've got no idea how to extract/create that sort of data from the DWG within AutoCAD (if that's even possible)


The only elements within the DWG that indicate any 3D structure appears to be the contour lines and the SRF-View "mesh" which appears to be a series of layers. Every other layer/drawing is "drawn" on the same layer.


Any help is appreciated.


Seems all my files are too large to attach... so screenshots are all I can get up here.





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