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Furniture Inspired By Infinity Gems

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hey everyone i'm an industrial design final year student and i chose a furniture piece as my thesis project.


well i think i must start it from the beginning like why i chose it and what my topic is all about.



i took my inspiration from infinity gems (marvel comics). As there were 6 gems and the one with all of them... the ultimate power belongs to that person (that's a very brief intro of infinity gems)


what my idea is.. i picked the number 6. i want to make a furniture piece for small spaces (studio apartment) which will fulfill the basic 6 needs.


for example one furniture piece is going to be the a package of 6 different need. which includes.. bed, couch, working table, cupboard, shoe rack and shelf.


if you have it you wont need to get all of these thing separately.


so, what you people think if it is a good idea or not?


i really need your comments. thanks :)

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