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How To Model A 1/4" Bsp External And Internal Thread For 3D Printing?

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Hi Everyone,

I would like to model a stand size BSPP 1/4" type part with internal and external threads that will work with standard 1/4" threads.


I can't seem to find a way to cut the profile and feeling a little lost on the point where I pierce on to the helix.


Could anyone help please?




My Solidworks 2014 3D CAD file is downloadable here - https://www.hightail.com/download/UlRReUNHSytENlQ0WjhUQw

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Haven't used SWorks in years but as best I recall... you need to create a plane at the end of your helix, sketch the thread form there, pierce the midpoint; helix endpoint to midpoint and sweep along the helix path.


All that said... keep in mind that in a 3D print design, you are not limited to typical modes of manufacture; single-point thread cutting, tapping, forming, etc.. A larger feature will print more successfully in any orientation; horizontal, vertical, etc.. If you need inspiration, look to the typical multi-start bottle neck thread.


Best regards

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