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Mark Marzouk

Alpha Bottle

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Hi All,


Its been a while since i have been on here, I have missed it actually :P


I have been really busy with a lot of different projects. I wanted share my latest project with you, the Alpha Bottle. www.alphabottle.com


I have just launched it on to Kickstarter to get some help with funding the project. We will be going into production either way, but it is a very exciting way to introduce the product to people.


Please check out the Kickstarter page and feel free to donate :D












Hope you like guys. Feedback is appreciated as usual :)

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Thanks a lot guys.


Streamliner - we decided not to attach the cap as they sometimes break off and dangle around annoyingly. People don't lose caps off bottles of water etc. so I don't think it is a big deal.

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I haven't visited your link, so I am only going off what this image communicates. What is it for? What does the mixing grid do? Do I mix my powder and fluid in it?

The rendering is top notch, but unless I actively go and find out what this is and how it will benefit me, I am unlikely to buy. IMHO.

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