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Jake Middleton

Product Model Project. I Want To Make A Model Of A Product For Someone. Maybe You?

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Have you designed something and want to see how it would look as a physical object? Well this might be your lucky day!


I am studying a model making course in the UK and for the autumn term we have a brief to do a live project. I am very interested in product design and am looking for someone to work with who would like a physical full size or scaled model of their product. I am very up for a challenge so would not be likely to get much out of a very simple product in terms of learning.


I do not mind being commissioned by either student or a business, all that matters from my end is that I get to work with a good piece of design that will be useful to someone. My only stipulation is that the client pays for the materials + any postage costs and that I can use the model to display at my degree show which runs for a day in early June next year.


A bit of background info: After 2 years of the degree I suspended my studies and worked as an architectural modelmaker for a year which was pretty awesome. However after seeing some of my friends graduate and work for product design companies I am keen to give that industry a go. The upshot of this is that although this is a university project I am already a skilled professional and you will get a professional quality model.




Here are some pictures of things I have made. The architectural stuff is all professional and the other stuff is uni work.






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