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The Designer’S Growth Plan: Creating A Sky, Flying To New Dream!!!

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Industrial brand “vivick”, was created in Vancouver, Canada, in 1985. At the beginning, vivick is only a small studio in Emily Carr University of Art and Design. A group of young man, full of enthusiasm, creativity and imagination, gathered together with dream and pursuit of design, created the vivick brand, and constantly sought innovation, designed new works. Now, vivick has gone through 30 years, had already become one of the Canada’s professional industrial brand, specializing in consumer electronics. Being dedicated to provide innovative product solutions for the world’s computer and consumer electronics users, adhering to the concept of “Product is the perfect combination of technology and creativity, fusion of imaginative art design”, through 30 years’ efforts, 30 years’ temper, vivick had already have a mature design team, each designer is the soul of vivick brand, distributing their own charm, you may visit our website: www.vivick.com for further information.

Due to the difficulty creation of vivick brand at the beginning time, we understood deeply that a design, an idea becoming a real product is not an easy thing. There are some people who were not designers but are the design talents, with no opportunity for making their design into a real product. There are some people who were already designers, but some design works cannot be adopted because of the differences between the planning and design ideas of the companies. No matter which side, it is a pity thing. So, vivick provides a design stage, looking for creative and imaginative designs around the world, letting impossible become possible. We hope those people who had a dream, but have no way to make it true, to submit your latest design works or ideas to our mail box: patty@vivick.com. We will evaluate your design work according to the market demand, once the design work was adopted, we will make it into a real products. This is a chance to sell it all over the world, letting more people know it, own it & use it. At the same time, the designer will have a chance to display his work & himself, and get the profits after products realization. (Of course, vivick will respect the designer personal requirement to make the propaganda show.)

The design works had been submitted, but not been adopted, vivick promise not to use it, vowed to protect the designers’ rights and interests.

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