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Finding Talented Product-Industrial Designers?

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I'm developing a portable consumer product & have begun searching for an industrial designer. I expected a challenging journey as any start-up, although wasnt quite expecting the uphill challenges of finding a raw, uniquely talent designer/concept developer who has reasonable fees & the availability.


Not sure if this is a common occurance, but what I've found is that truly talented concept/brainstorm gurus are rare & charge steep fees, & usually dont have the industrial-3d skills. The other spectrum I've found is designers w/ CAD skills but not strong in design development.


I'm developing my concept from scratch & soley funding it to be launched on kickstarter. I've tried Coroflot, behance, elance, freelancer. I found the similiar issues in all of them.


*Does anyone recommend any resources to find talented product developers/industrial designers who are reasonably priced? Based on my budget & the raw creativity I'm seeking, I've thought about reaching out to ID schools. Just not sure the best way to approach this. Seems students in school or recently graduated would be a good route as my priorities are in finding a naturally gifted designer w/ a keen eye.


Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

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