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Chinese Art Typography Reprise

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Life and work in the age of computers is like entering a freeway without limits; everything seems simple, direct and speedy. Many techniques, articles, skills from not long ago has already become blurry or forgotten. When pictures, colors, sound, communications are all being digitized nowadays, it is hard for the design field to imagine how we can operate without the computers anymore. Therefore, typography might only be another menu option in Indesign or Photoshop to most designers while everything is standardized and homogenized. In addition, even when designers look at font libraries, we often forget to think about the meaning of type design already.

At this moment, I randomly came across a little book in an old bookstall about calligraphy art back in 50′s. I was inspired by the energy within immediately. Without too many rules and regulations, although the artform seems a little amateur, but the originality and expression between the lines traversed after 50~60 years, shines again in a vogue and vivid way and surprisingly aligning with contemporary design thinking perfectly. Since then, I can not help collecting calligraphy art books from the 50′s to 80′s. From these books you can easily observe the change of design from fearless experimentation to a structured matureness. Then, in the late 70′s, the original splendor faded out graually.

This book contains a selection of brilliant calligraphy from 50′s – 60′s, not only hoping that this can become a record of time also providing inspiration for type design. At the same time, we hope to bring out an experience in great impact about the change in social ideology over milestones of time.

Author: Lin Fan

Buy the book at TaoBoa


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