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Product To Assist Waiters/waitresses With Carrying Hot Plates

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Hi everyone,


Seen as this page is solely related to design discussions, I was just wondering if you could give me your valuable ideas or opinions on a product which makes it easier and safer to carry numerous hot plates at one time for waiters and waitresses.


I am currently a waiter and I find that the majority of injuries are related to my hands, thumbs and fingers due to viciously hot plates. Obviously many traditional methods use cloths and trays to carry hot plates. However, I believe that these techniques are very risky and potentially hazardous, especially when around customers! I'm looking to make a product that will efficiently 'stack' the plates so that the heat conducted from the plate below keeps the above plate warm. The product may be able to incorporate a handle so that the plates don't actually have to be physically touched when being transported. The product would also typically carry more hot plates than a waiter/waitress could carry at one time.


However, these are very much initial concepts and I would welcome any ideas that could help me overcome this problem. Thank you.

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