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What's Ahead For China?

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CBi Founder and President Cathy Huang and Managing Director Rudy Wimmer sat down and shared some insight on the future of China.

Q: How has the country changed? Rudy: There are definitely complex problems in system development and servicing people’s needs in modern China. On a product level, there is a very high expectation and a rather blind openness to things. Personal expectations, social expectations are just one part. There is also collectivism where people collectively build an expectation around things. Individuals in China are still within a family unit but outside of that it is collective. They’re growing beyond family. The one child policy is really starting to affect modern society. The desire for community and to be connected is not being met through family.
Q: Does that explain why social media has taken off? Rudy: Social media is an accelerator until trust is broken when it becomes overly commercialized. Cathy: Chinese people are extremely community-oriented. However, the community is looser now. There is no physical community at all. People move around a lot and don’t stay with their family. My generation has four parents to take care of and there is no shared living community for support. Nobody knows their neighbors anymore. When I was a child, neighbors shared food, took care of kids and watched each other. That doesn’t happen now. Virtual communities are definitely growing online but they are having a shorter life when the next “something” shows up and gets lots of followers. People shift attention very quickly. Weibo to Weixin (We Chat) for example. Weibo is not as popular as it once was because of new competition. Online communities grow quickly and move away quickly.
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