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Hi guys


This is the first time I am doing something like this, and quiet clueless to the methods and techniques available for mass production, or even for creating a prototype. So any sort of help would be much appreciated.


I am developing a multipurpose mat. The mat consists of three layers.

1. Top = fabric.

2. Middle = memory foam (middle/stuffing)

3. Base = a third material is required to act as non slip backing, and bond the the previous two layers together from the bottom.


for the backing or the base of the mat; I was thinking of using a thin coat of silicone or rubber.

The objective of the backing is:

1. Give the mat a non slip & water proof base.

2. Use it to bond the fabric to the memory foam ( as I don't want any stitching to appear from the top of the mat)

3. The coat needs to cover the sides of the rug all around to give it a thin protective edges.

4. Give an added comfort to the entire mat.

5. Finally the material has to be very flexible, as the mat will constantly be rolled up or folded when packed away.


**** which material is best to use for backing?

**** what manufacturing processes are available to give a rubber/ silicone coating to my product?

**** would silicone/ rubber bond fabric and foam permanently whilst staying flexible?

**** For the top material I am thinking about cotton velvet fabric to give a soft luxurious texture. But would I be able to print on such fabric accurately? or would the length of pile affect the precision of printing?


Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for your time.

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You could consider to use soft TPE material for your Back and use injection molding to produce it.But TPE material can not be rubber coated.

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