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Hello Everyone,

I am a PhD student in Computer Science (more specifically Human-Computer Interaction) at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. This board seems to host some of the most creative and proficient people in design, which is why I hope that you can help me out. We seek design experts to participate in an evaluation and assessment of ideas for tablet computers that foster a personal attachment between the device and its owner. If you agree to participate in our study, we will send you sketches created by designers and ask you to evaluate them. The exercise requires approximately 2 hours. As a gift for your participation you will receive an Amazon voucher worth $50 USD (or the equivalent in another currency, based on your preference).

Enter your contact information into this form if you're interested to participate: http://goo.gl/jHJht

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Still looking for some more participants.


There is a small change in process: I can also send the study documents via email as opposed to sending them via postal mail.



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