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Liviu Tudoran

Mini Boost

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A project I started with an ex-colleague of mine for my dimploma back in summer 2012 when I graduated from IED, Turin

it started as a sedan project and got some free weekends to adapt the alias model on another pacakge. Turned out to be some kind of 2 doors coupe that is a bit different from what MINI has, from a design language point of view, as well of arhitecture and packaging. My alias skills are not that great, you might notice that in the last ambient oclussion test that I'm uploading. :) The interior is as well just 4-5 hours worth of modeling. I'll add some sketches as well soon, hope I'll find the time and motivation to finish it :)


Anyway, waiting for some crits here. Thank you!


















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Great stuff! I love the front, it's very expressive and definitely has the mini feel to it. The rear is nice too.


It's always highly subjective and I may be the only one seeing this but it looks a bit too much like a Smart Roadster to me, also because of the two-tone body panels. I'm also not a fan of those big creases in the hood, they exaggerrate the length of the nose, which might already be a bit too long. A short nose is definitely a defining characteristic of the Mini Cooper. Maybe you want to go for a simpler, larger surface there.


But all in all this is some amazing work.

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really great stuff, especialy regarding the 2D art work


regarding the 3D model - there are visible a lot of problems with surfaces transitions.


I assume some of them should have been done smooth, soft, instead they are sharp. Maybe this is your intention, even so, I would replace them with the softer ones.


I am not a user of Alias, however such issues like surfaces transition are commong among other CAD apps, so I assume this is a result(sharp edges, problems along symmetry plane visible on especially on the trunk, and so forth) of taken approach, rather than tools.

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