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Documentation Software/tool, Presenting The Id To The Engineer

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Haven't posted in a while but and don't really know where else to go :), if you know a better forum for this please tell me.


Currently I work as a product developer/designer, what I mostly do is creating ID designs, how the product shall look and function, but not the mechanical parts nor the final CAD. I work in Sweden but all our factories are located in another country. I am also in charge of all my projects my self (working on a relatively small company).


My problem

How do you guys specify your ID down to even the smallest parts and on the same time get a good overview of the product, plus having a discussion board about the specification before you have reach a final one?


Currently I am using Microsoft Excel were I have columns for parts of the product, pictures and feedback where the factory can reply in, then we are sending this file back and fourth until everything is sorted out. Honestly this feel very stupid, I have felt many times that there must be some sort of documentation software for specifications like this.


I am looking for some kind of documentation software, where I can put in notes, add surface drawings, pictures, video and on the same time be able to discuss that with a good overview with the factory that I have sent the specification to.



It can be a software or be cloud based solution, doesn't really matter. I have tried Basecamp which is a simple project collaboration tool but it doesn't have all the features that i need. It would be good also if I can manage and give assignments to the factory engineers where i can prioritize specifications that they shall focus on.



Is it only me who want this kind of tool? Please point me in the right direction :)



Best regards,


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