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Modular Living Room Furniture - 'sitnstore'

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First of all I'd like to say hi to all the forum members here,


My name is Jason and I am a third year Product Design and Innovation student studying in a beautiful seaside town in the South of England.


I thought it would be cool to show some of my work to you guys for it to be analysed and critiqued and I'm all ears for any advice any of you guys want to throw my way!



During my first year of studies I was using Google SketchUp a fair bit in conjunction with Keyshot for renders. I had a piece of coursework where we were asked to design a piece of modular furniture and my response was to design a product that utilized as much available space as possible for the storing and safe keeping of items that were likely to be found in an 'average' living room and items in particular that would often be used while users make use of the sofa. (e.g. television remote, magazines, duvets/throws, pillows, maybe even laptops/tablets etc.)



I totally forgot I had even conceptually designed this product until a recent submission required that we reuse one of our older designs and develop a make believe website to showcase and sell the product. (No HTML or coding, just simple Photoshop work)


So without further adieu I present my initial fake internet homepage to showcase my product!



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