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8 Furniture Concepts Prototyped In Garden Shed

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I would like to show a series of furniture and homewares concepts which I have built and prototyped full scale (1:1) in a garden shed throughout the last year-and-a-half.


I have been working as a freelance videographer for almost 2 years and the aim with this shed project was to try to prove my passion for design and make.


If anyone were to view this work or have any comments I would be extremely grateful.


Thank you




My furniture and homewares prototypes positioned outside the garden shed where they are made




Fully Clothed Shower

This coat stand concept aims to use the hung item as an object positioned to enhance and complete the
design. In this case the hung clothing item becomes the flow of water in what is surely now a
fully clothed



Tail For Balance

With the knowledge that in the animal kingdom a tail is used for balance (among other things), this stool
design draws its characteristics directly from this. When sat on, the stool gives the sitter a visible tail, but
additionally, the tail itself is a leg of the stool without which the sitter would



Bedside Stronghold

This bedside table design wants to help distinguish prized possessions from those which are less important.
To try to achieve this, the product design is connected with a source of inspiration – a castle stronghold.
With the table top resembling a castle stronghold – with moat, walls, arrow slit windows and a draw bridge –
the user knows instinctively to put a phone and wallet within the walls, and loose change and receipts in the
surrounding moat.




Secured Bedside

This table design has identified that a bedside is commonly a place where possessions are positioned over
night. Bedside security should therefore be a primary concern. This design hopes to be a playful solution to
bedside security by the ‘joining’ of the table to the bed. The table (and its contents) cannot be removed
without the difficult task of taking the bed as well!...? Sleep feeling secure.




Treehouse Sleep

The aim with this bedside table was to make a feature out of clutter and possessions. A treehouse might
have a rope ladder to access it or other ropes about its structure, therefore a
treehouse inspired bedside
might incorporate cables or wires well (ropes), and also importantly, might allow for any mess created
by possessions to look deliberate.




Household Cavalry

The aim here is to design a chair in such a way that a set of identical versions complete a product picture. A
cavalry in formation is a complete picture – not a single cavalryman. The chair is therefore designed as a
member of a cavalry –
a household cavalry.




Sit To Get Comfortable

The chair concept adds extra drama to the event of sitting. If sitting is done mostly to get comfortable, this
chair draws its characteristics from this by displaying an alarming starting position which looks

But literally –
sit to get comfortable. As pressure is applied to the seat and it is forced flat, a rack and pinion
mechanism is engaged, causing the arms of the chair to rotate from their jagged edge to their smooth edge.




Wooden Cushion

This concept combines a chair and its wooden cushion. A spring supported floating X, depressed upon
sitting, would spring back up on release. This hopes to provide the ‘cushion’ of a cushion made from
as hard as wood.



Example image of prototype making


Project video: http://vimeo.com/61698043

Project URL: www.eajslater.com/homewares

Project location: London, England

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I like your design approach of playing with form semantics a lot, you don't see this kind of work very often. There are some great ideas here but most of them do require more work - simplification, boiling it down to the essence - in order to have some strong and finished design. I especially like the shower coatrack and cavalry chair. I like how you play with fear-inducing forms in the teethed armrest, I had a similar idea myself a few years ago of a stool that would resemble a wolf trap, that of course would not function when you sit on it. Just to play with people's anticipations and make them more aware of the possibility of danger even in very comfortable situations. Problem is that this sort of thing will probably not sell..

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