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Sportscar Render

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I am not sure about the rendering of the middle surface that runs from the hood to the windscreen (the 2 lanes). You think the designer intended to make a surface change between those lanes?

Anyways, overall it looks ok for a quick rendering. Perhaps adding some ground shadow will make the car less like a floating object. Also try to make it more reflective/shiny so that the body looks like metal.

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Looks pretty good overall if it's your first car, nice linework. My points would be:


-It's a very extreme, expressive angle which will sometimes work to sell a design. But more often I have worked with more communicative angles that show more of the entire model.

- You've created two gradients on the hood and windshield. Makes it look like there's a crease over the entire heartline (I don't know if that's English, NL: hartlijn). Each continuous surface should just have one since it's one single unbroken reflection. Then there's also a highlight over the center of the hood which would communicate that it's a raised fold a la Cadillac. That would require the surface away from the light to be rendered darker, in general.

- Erasing black sketch lines where you put white highlight lines makes it look cleaner.

- You can brush in some more color such as purple in shadowy areas to add some warm-cold contrast. Or even a bright orange-red in the background, drop shadow or wheels to create more color contrast and make it come more alive.

- Hard reflection lines in the body and windshield do wonders.



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