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Mark Marzouk

Measuring Scale Of A Jug

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Hi all,


I am about to produce a new mixing jug product and I am struggling to calculate the measuring increments in liters and cups.


Anyone know where I can find one of these scales and how I can apply it to my design.


my measuring jug is show in this post.






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Hi Mark


Just wondering, what software are you using? If its solidworks these youtube videos might help, with the calculating of

the jug volume. I couldn’t find any video that actually inserts a measuring gauge. That might be a good tutorial for someone to do and

post up on this forum.












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Thanks Streamline, the links worked fine and were helpful.


I am actually looking for the graphic itself to wrap onto the surface. I might just have to draw it manually.


my mixing jug hold 2.3L which is 10 US Cups.


ill keep u updated anyway :)

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Ok, so I did it.


What I did is:

  • Offset the surface of the jug and made it a solid body that was 10 cups in mass
  • Sliced the solid one cup's volume at a time
  • Found the overall length of the profile curve and divided it up.

This took me quite some time as every slice had a different cutting height as you can see in the image.


it was a pain in the ass but its done now and my mould maker can handle the rest :)




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