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New To Product Design. What To Do?

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Hi. I'm Joe and 19yrs old college student in Japan. I'm heavily interested in product design for these several years through web sites such as core77 or tuvie.

I want to start practicing and acquiring my design skills. But problem here, I'm uncertain of what should I do.

I've been studying Solidworks and certified so I'm still confident of 3D CAD. But I'm not so proficient at sketching. I know I have to practice but I don't know what to write. What kind if design tasks are good to me? Note that I'm not studying designs.Just mechanical engineering.



I think this forum is really great place of many opportunities to express my ideas. Please teach me "What to do" and "What to design or write" to me: newbie of designer.

Sorry for too much abstract question but I need your help.

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A good start is just do small projects. Take it one step at a time.


Think of something that you are excite about. What do you really want to design? What project makes you and other excited about?


After that, try your best to make it happen. Aim to make it really nice quality and nice. It will take some time, but you got to risk it to get the biscuit.

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