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Tricycle House And Tricycle Garden

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The Tricycle House was designed to address the theme of the 2012 Get It Louder Exhibition ”The People’s Future.” The inability to own land is a fundamental condition in China unique from many western countries. The Tricycle House suggests a future where a the temporary relationship and the public nature between people and the land they occupy is embraced. Single family homes can be affordable and sustainable, parking lots are not wasted at night, and traffic jams are acceptable.

The Tricycle House is also an experiment with folded plastic as a construction method.

Using a CNC router each piece of the house is cut and scored flat and then folded and

welded into shape. The plastic we use, polypropylene, is unique in that it can be folded

without losing its strength. The house itself can therefore entirely open up to the outside,

expand out like an accordion to increase space, and connect to other houses. The

plastic is also translucent ensuring the interior is always well lit whether by the sun

during the day or street lamps at night.

The Tricycle House is man powered allowing off-the-grid living. Facilities in the house

include a sink and stove, a bathtub, a water tank, and furniture that can transform from a

bed to a dining table and bench to a bench and counter top. The sink, stove, and

bathtub can collapse into the front wall of the house.

The Tricycle House is also partnered with a Tricycle Garden. The garden can be

planted with not only grass but trees and vegetables. The front of the garden doubles as

tricycle seating in order to maximize green space. And several gardens can be

combined to form a large public green space.

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