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So I am a high school student taking a product design class this quarter. For my product I am making a prototype PowerLace Nike like those that Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future. My difference is I want my design to be aimed at disabled peoples. How would you approach this and what would you use to make them work? Im looking at a pulley RC motor combo that will turn thus tightening the laces.... Any input would be awesome.

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What are the targeted disabilities? What are their constraints?

If the user still can user their feet, then perhaps you can think about a solution in which they can use their feet to tighten the laces. You might think of features in certain parts of the shoe that helps the user to tie or untie.

If they cannot user their feet and hands, then you have to think about how to activate that pulley mechanism you have in mind.

Try to find non electric solutions first, as they might not be reliable or expensive.

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