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Teca Studio Roadtrip

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As one of the first UK Design companies to establish ourselves in China the experiences and adventures over the years have been exiting and at times bewildering but always memorable. We first decided to drive ourselves in China after years of scary taxi rides, the crunch came when we were trying to return to Shenzhen from Guangzhou one evening 2009 and found the last train had already left. Stuck at the station at just ten in the evening we only had the choice of a private taxi so took the best price we could negotiate to get back home. This was one of the more dangerous journeys in the back of a clapped out little car with no seatbelts and an inventive view of traffic law. We had both experienced frequent near misses and accidents since moving to Shenzhen in 2004 and it was clearly just a matter of time before one of us came of worse from the terrible driving. This time we made it back home in record time and in one piece but it was no longer fun. We had been talking about getting our own vehicle in China for at least five years but never quite had the courage to do it. Maybe now it was time.

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