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How To Develop Creativity

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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to develop creativity, because I think creativity is very important ability for a designer .But when I think about a design,I do not know where to start and how to create a new element.So could you offer me any information about creativity or design-related ? Thank you.

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Some ideas today in business school suggest designers really need to talk customers, understand them and find out what people need.


Creativity is the challenge. There is no one approach, you need to come up with your original innovative approach to be successful. Johnathan Ive designs apple products based on the the technique by a famous Braun designer (I have forgotten his name). He also went to Japan to learn teachings from there. He does things very thoughtfully and carefully. So some schools can teach you the technique.


Other straight to the point ideas:

Look at nature, pick a theme, twist and bend ideas, talk to other people, keep things in the back of your head, go to library and museum, draw lots...


I hope that helps.

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Braun guru is Dieter Rams, he's retired now but a legend!



A quick clip of him that will boost your creativity can be found here:



And to save clogging this threa up you can find his 10 principles here:





But ceativiity isn't just about following ideas and criteria, I think opening your mind and accepting things beyond your norm is invaluable in making you successful as a designer and broadening your creativity. This can range through travel, music, literature, social circles, hobbies, etc. Also implementing procedures in your everyday life to aid you through the process, like making lists and checking them twice. Setting goals and achievements with time constraints. Practicing personal skills on a dialy basis.


And don't listen to your white collar friends, because they don't even know what creativity is!... he he he


burnsie :huh:

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nice question! Yes creativity is very important in designing. However, creativity cannot be taught and comes from within. The only way you can develop creativity is by joining a good design school that will teach you various aspects of the industry and how to think on this aspects.

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