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Books On Time Management For Designers?

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Hi there,


I am a starting product designer at a small design agency in the Netherlands focused on mobility products. The greatest change for me with student life is having to handle multiple projects, all under continuous supervision of our boss/manager (he sits next to me). It gets quite complex sometimes keeping overview of all the information about all the projects and deciding which actions to take on each of them, and when, and when to communicate for feedback from either co-designers, engineers, the manager, or the clients - I get into contact with them too.


I am dealing with things as they go and learning by trial-and-error, but with some good instruction material/tips I think I can make a quantum leap forward here. I just lack the resources.. so my question is:


Do you know any good resources on time management, specifically for creative professionals / industrial designers? A search on amazon gives me a lot of general books, so I was wondering if you knew anything more specific.




- Ralph Zoontjens

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Hey Ralph,


Do you have a project manager at the firm or are deadlines/timelines managed by your managers?

From my experience time and project management is not always design specific. For example a project manager can have no design experience what so ever and still bring a project to successful completion.

So as far as written material, go for any book on project management and adapt the plans to fit your own design methods. Create milestones and detail deliverables at certain points etc.

Create the plan and deliver the plan.


For your own personal time management keep a constant sketch book on the go and write everything down. All meetings and every note throughout the day. This is important not only for your own thoughts but also to record what other people say to you.


Also, create your own personal time plan in EXCEL. Use category's for key deliverables that you have to do. Line these up with key dates for meetings, design reviews and deadlines.

This document can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

Agree the key stages with your boss and then try to keep it up to date as you work through the tasks. This will be a good indication of weather you can actually meet the deadlines or get everything done. This

This document can also have multiple projects to show where you will be allocating your time. It could also show the importance of some projects over others.


Just some thoughts.





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Making Ideas Happen - Scott Belsky


Scott Belsky is the founder of http://behance.net


My absolutely favorite book for organization and time management. This book really helped me out. It is geared towards creatives so it should be just what you want. I could talk all day about this book but I'll let you read it first. Let me know if read it and what you think.


Hope this helps!


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