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Bike Lock - Reinventing The Bike Lock

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I have just received my 2nd year task of creating a bike lock. in summary the brief states that I must design a new way of locking up a bike. My initial idea was to have the lock as an actual component of the bike for example detachable pedals. This way it stops the problem of having to carry around a lock. I then moved onto thinking about a bike locking station like the barclays bikes in london. Apart from these ideas I'm lacking on a bit of inspiration and was hoping for a guiding hand to help me on my way. All comments will be appreciated.

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Hi there,

Bike security is a big deal. When i lived in London, I didn't take my expensive bike out with a lock because I just couldn't leave it locked up. I could never relax.

So i always rode a cheap hack bike and it never got stolen. Once someone tried and got half way through a d-shackle with a hack saw in Peckham. I know. I know. Thats what you get for going to Peckham!


Anyway, I have seen lots of attempts at new ways to lock. Key locking stems to lock steering. Wheel clamps to lock wheel to forks. These are more a deterrent but someone will still steal the bike for metal.

I saw a project that remotely lifted your bike up a lamp post, and would only come down with a car like key fob.


I think with these product attempts in mind, take Dans suggestion and focus some research on a specific demographic.

Who is going to use your product?

Where/when are they going to use it?

Where are they going, what are they doing on a bike?

What does the bike have to do for them?

What can the afford?

Is security a priority?

With your research you may see some room for improvement in the way security works for people. Remember this may not manifest as a bike lock!

Don't focus to much on existing products at this stage. Re-think bike security!?


Other than that, make it small and light and potentially retro fit.



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