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Boiling Water Tap?

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I am looking into possible projects for my final year. I have been interested in these hot taps for a while now the only problem I am facing is how to make mine stand out???


I am going to put a question to anyone who wants to answer it.


If you could put a feature on the tap what would it be and why?


I think safety is going to be the biggest issue with this, as the tap can dispense up to 98 degree water.


Also the price of some of them is unbelievable... Range from £500 - 5000. They all do the same job. Give you boiling water on tick.


Thanks in advance for all your feedback





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Hello Dave,


We are always looking at ways to improve conceptual designs, especially for the likes of a boiling water tap so with interest I am reading your message as regards your own boiling water tap project and I think we may well be able to help.


Can you email me: angela@firstclasswater.com so we can arrange a telephone conversation with our Product Director around the subject as it is an area that interests us with a passion.


Speak soon


Angela Kennedy






Twitter: firstclasswater

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Looks like your sorted Dave!

We have those taps in the kitchen in at Dyson for constant teas and coffees.

They are good but maybe you could look into how energy efficient they are? Also the capacity of the chamber.

Safety is covered a little, in that you have to push then turn to dispense.

Perhaps in could switch between steam and hot water? on long hose to be a cleaning tool in the kitchen?


Let me know how it goes.



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