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Sang Hyun Jeong

Usb Flash Drive With Flash Light

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Hi, all


This is my latest personal project.

I welcome all replies!


The face is designed by combining a USB flash drive and an LED light, using the USB output as a cheeky tongue.


Although it contains a battery, it can be charged when the USB storage is in use without any extra effort on the users part.

Not only providing the convenience of two useful devices in one easy to carry product, it also eliminates the need for disposable batteries making it that a little bit greener for the environment.















Thank you for reading!

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great idea! love the design as well, but how does the tongue stick out? is there a sliding thing?

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People will always try to stick those flash drives in their pockets. And it might be troublesome. An idea of having LED light is interesting, but not really a symbiotic staple. As a design object I would like the object to be more convincing in one plane- either be thinner and wider, or maybe longer. Cube is a risky business in design. How about simply designing a thin classic flash drive with USB connectors at both ends one with mama one with papa end. A lot of people use USB flashes , but they have a lot of them , but their laptops usually have 3-4 jacks, and some of them are already occupied by wireless mouse sensors, etc. Why not create a flash where you could insert it in one USB port and the next flash is attached to the end of the previous one. This way you could add flash drives endlessly , creating something like a memory snake:) Just my inflation distilled 2 cents:)

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