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Simon Williams

Street Skating Concrete Dream

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...My personal business is "Concrete Dreams" - named that for most of my work is designing Concrete Skateparks.


I've done a lot of them, and 5 times as many concepts. I design them, I build them sometimes, and I skate them.


This is a project that I am putting out to tender in the next few weeks, with the aim of being completed by Christmas.


The skateboarding community are frothing over this one... simple, yet highly versatile, the design brings many interesting street elements and flowing lines to an otherwise boring, flat surface. Constructed from concrete (highly polished) and steel... my two favourite materials.


Modelled and rendered in Microstation.





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Very interesting. Perhaps you could include a couple of renders from a pedestrian POV, so that the variations in elevation/terrain are more easily visually interpreted.


Best of luck with this project. It looks really fun.



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