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Medical Product Development - Da Vinci Robot Training

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The medical product development team at Stratos designed & developed this new device using skills such as: Miniaturized electronics, Mechanical engineering, project management, electrical engineering & vendor interaction.


Stratos is partnering with Mimic Technologies (leader in Robotic Surgery Simulation) to advance the current design of the Mimic dV-Trainer, an independently validated, highly realistic simulation system for the da Vinci robot that improves patient safety and allows for surgical training, saving operating room time and reducing operational costs.


Stratos is developing an updated version of the dV-Trainer that involves creating a new 3D stereoscope and updating the existing hardware architecture so that the system is more robust during manufacturing, service and operation. The solution will contain miniaturized connectors, a custom fine-gauge cabling solution and reversible parts to minimize overall part count for the pair of gimbals contained in each system. Additionally, Stratos worked with Mimic to redesign the grip with a similar cabling solution to create additional features that improve the overall use of the grip.



“Mimic’s dV-Trainer is designed with efficacy, ease of use and user comfort in mind. Stratos is helping us to advance overall system performance so that our master console will not only be suitable for virtual reality robot training, but also for controlling actual robots." Founder and CEO of Mimic Technologies








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