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Cu Bedding

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CU bedding represents people’s intimate but unfamiliar daily life of contemporary cities. Public places can become the space for private activities and private spaces can also get into the public domain. CU bedding is such a space creating a unique spatial experience. When going through into the CU bedding, people realize that it is not only minimizing the distance between them but also stimulating them to keep the publicity and their individual independence. CU Bedding [bèi] , let’s play!

Full of soft surrounded feeling, you will find the childlike good-quality sleep back!

Getting more time to share the growth of the kids make them a happy childhood!

Creating a relaxing atmosphere and keeping a close distance make them remember longer!

Why not read books so comfortably and flexibly?

Sharing the happiness of the family, you will find everybody becoming happier than ever!

design time: 2011

designer: Che Fei, Guo Lei

design office: CU Pool [CU office]


design office: CU Pool [CU office]




material:High-quality denim/Matte velvet/High-quality velvet

Designed by CU-Office



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