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Interesting Salt And Pepper Shakers

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I hate being able to find one, but not the other. Salt and pepper shakers are meant to go together but keeping them together is impossible. That is until now. These salt and pepper shakers interlock so that you will always have both of them together. After all you cant put salt on something without the pepper! Read more here! http://www.rnrassociates.com/sub_portfolio.php?act=sub_cat&id=151&cid=31



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It does look nice and slick, When I first viewed this, I thought it reminded me of a pen drive/ key disk or a broadband dongle.



It doesn't even look like a salt & pepper shaker and that's what makes this design so great for me.

but could the fact that it doesn’t look like a salt and pepper shaker be a problem for some people ? I think the text could be a little bit bigger also. If you didn’t post up the second image would people get that the pepper section pops out like that. If I tapped it with my finger, will the container fall over because it has a narrow rectangular base? On the other hand, would it sand up straight because it has enough weight in it?

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