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Handle Loft

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I can not edit SW files(Creo 1.0/2.0 user), however I can guide you which approach I would take if I were up to make it in Creo:


so in general main geometry should be done as revolve. Handle is a loft - so in Creo I would use Sweep tool first to loft section of handle along two trajectories displayed in red and green in attached picture. To me red trajectory would play primary role, and yes, in Creo this - sequence of trajectories - does have an impact.


So, what would become critical issue to solve(Sweep tool will fail trying to acomplish this) is 3 sided boundary surface which should be solved in appropriate way(check forum).


In Creo I would use Boundary Blend to create first primary 4 sided surface, trim it back and make final 4 sided surface. However as far as I am aware SW offers such tools(to solve n-sided boundary surfaces issues) by default.


Hope it helps.



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