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Heritage Boutique Hotel

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Zhouzhuang Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel is located in Zhouzhuang, the water town of Southern China positioned 1.5 hours away from Shanghai. This ancient town, known as the “Venice of the Orient,” has a history of more than 900 years and still retains the style and pattern of its ancient village. It is noted for its profound cultural background, the well-preserved ancient residential houses, the elegant views of the waterside and its colorful local traditions and customs.

This hotel is a renovation of three old separate Ming Dynasty-style buildings. During the 19th century the three sons of Dai built the buildings that, at the time, served as living places, as well as a space to conduct business. After many years, these buildings were divided into four parts before the renovation: a Museum, a Tea House, a Guesthouse and an abandoned structure. Dariel Studio has reconstructed and transformed them into a 20-suite heritage hotel. The renovation aims to restore the initial spatial unity of the building, while also to preserve the architectural heritage.

In order to apply the feeling of history and Chinese culture, designer Thomas Dariel created the ”one sensory travel through the seasons” concept for this boutique hotel.

The inspiration comes from the 24 seasons from the Chinese traditional solar calendar. In ancient China, the solar year is divided into 24 terms according to Chinese traditional farming habits, with each term corresponding to the Sun’s particular position,.

First, the rooms are divided into four seasonal areas and are displayed according to their sun exposure and natural light intensity during the day. Thus, these rooms symbolize the seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. From light yellow or bright orange, to deep purple, the subtle choice of colors represents the atmosphere and characteristics of each season. Each room is named after a flower based on a different season, such as Blossom, Lotus, Sweet Olive and Cymbidium.

Design company: Dariel Studio

Designer: Thomas DARIEL

Project manager: Hata CHEN

Location: Zhouzhuang – China

Surface: 2500 m2

Completion date: May 2012

Designed by Thomas Dariel from Dariel Studio



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