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Infographics For China Daily

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Here is a very nice collection of infographics for China Daily by French designer Guillermo Munro Colosio

- The archaelogical graphic was done to show some of the finds from 2011 all over china

- Submerged memories was about this town that was submerged (of course) and how it is like a n underwater gem. 4 people that lived there as kids where interviewed for the story.

- Face reconstruction was about this young girl here in China that went through many, many operations to change her face. She was born with no upper jaw. For 6 years she endured one operation after another.

- Rice fish farming is about a method of growing rice and fish at the same time, they both help each other and is a traditional chinese method being used since 2000 years ago.

- The Yangtze river porpoise was done after I heard that a dozen had died in less than 2 months, we show tha Baiji, The first Dolphin to go extinct because of human activity , also in China and also in the same waters as the finless porpoise.


Designed by Guillermo Munro Colosio



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