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Enclosure - How To Calculate Good Snap Hooks

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Dear fellow designers,


I'm relatively new to enclosure design and am designing a sturdy industrial enclosure of ABS through the means of injection molding. The enclosure features a 2.0mm (0.0787") thick rectangular panel which can be placed and removed via two snaps hooks. The base of the snap hook is 2.4mm (0.0945") from the edge of the panel (width edges), so not flush against the edge, see the image below.


I would like to know what I need to know and in what order, to design a snap hook that is sturdy, yet will not break so easily. I have no knowledge of the properties of ABS plastic and how it can bend or Young's modulus, etc.. etc.. so, if i need to know that, I would appreciate you point me in the right direction. Or, if you want to flat-out give me the answer (e.g., "your snap hook should have the following measurements : ... , they're no good right now because..") , then great!


You will find attached the dimensions of my current snap hook and properties which I've also labeled A-H for easy reference.


I am using Solidworks 2011.


Thank you for any help,





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Since there's still no response about this and I'm not quite sure why, I've provided some additional ressources. If you can manage to make sense of it, then please do share.





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the book the picture you took from is - imho - accurate source of most questions related to snap fit topic. Unfortunately, mostly, snap fit design is based on previous experiences or even copied from past products were particular solution proof its conditions(size, drafts, etc), among years. This is how it works at big companies. In addition - try to search through Basf and Bayer knowledge base

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