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Hello all,


I've been working now as a "design engineer" for 5 and a bit years and have found myself veering further towards mechanical design engineering, working mainly with steel and aluminium. I'd like to try and dabble in some electronics/electro mechanics and also plastics and was wondering if anyone out there could give me a few pointers and advise me on a suitable path.


Ideally id like to avoid a full blown study in the subject but I understand it's not as simple as looking out for a company and asking them to take a chance.


I'd prefer learning myself - ie. buying myself a book & some hobby kits etc.


Any thoughts are welcome!





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You can find a software used for electronics/electro mechanics design first and familiar with such kind of design. You can also find related tutorials on Internet. Whenever I want to learn something, I'll search the intenet to find the related material.

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