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Jordan Plant Design

Xtrou : Eco Bathroom Unit

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Hi Jordan


I am an mechanical engineer, but a lot of my studies was also based on design.


I actually have splitted feelings with the concept.


I like your thoughts, for saving space and saving money and environment! And I also really like your renderings and easy-to-understand charts :D


I don't like the whole life-cycle of this product. :unsure:

- Will the old water smell in the tank?

- What happens if I use special chemicals when cleaning clothes, cleaningthe zink etc. - can I then lead the water away from the "used water container"

- How is it to maintain in generel?

- What happens if some of the sub-parts brakes over time, do I then to buy the whole set again?




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hey henrik .


thanks for pointing these things out to me , there is some scope now for some alterations and re modelling internally with this concept.


As its just a concept i really do love Constructional criticism from other designers or people in the profession as this helps me re think my original design.


thank you

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