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Fusionweld 2012 Chopper

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Hi Guy's,


Finally, I managed to find some time to work on a project of my own! I loved watching the last series of American Chopper and have been so inspired by Paul Jr Designs I had to have a crack at a chopper design of my own. In the next few days I will post some sketch and development work, but for now please check out the final renders of the model!


Some of the unique features of the bike are;

  • A huge 20" front & 16" rear wheel
  • A one piece tank and seat housing
  • A super stretched out 35 degree rake
  • Dual exhaust with integrated LED lights
  • A stripped back, long and low slung stance

Feedback most welcome!





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Looks good .. :) ...

what software did you do the bike on ?

The single piece housing and tank looks nice :)

like the idea of having brake lights on the exhaust .....


and u missed out the indicators(or was in intentional? ) ... u could make them in some funky sleek design ... :)


sweet work anyways man :)

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Thanks for the feedback NVA. I used Solidworks 2011 to create the bike. I wanted to keep the look super clean so decided to opt out of the indicators, I totally agree that it would be great to incorporate them and make them really sleek. Maybe when I have some free time in the future I will tweak the design and add a crazy paint scheme :) (Suggestions welcome!!)


I have created a blog with loads of detail on my design process here; http://fusionweld.sq...12-chopper.html


The chopper model can also be purchased as a 3D print from Shapeways here!




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Sweet.... Solidworks in the way to go man .... i use solidworks over most of the other softwares almost all the time ..... and u rendered in photoview ??


i kinda had a quick 4 day project where i designed a bicycle in solidworks ..... and then took it up to 3ds max and rendered it with vray .... the results come out well ... :)




do have a look and let me know what i could improve on please :)

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Hey Guy's,


I have also created some YouTube clips that show some of the "Technical" Solidworks stages and a clip on my "Design" process. I would love to know what you guys think!





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