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Bicycle Design For Indian Teenagers 2020

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Hey guys .... ive always wanted to post my work here for a while ... been a member for a long time and always have been looking around all the awesome work everyone has been posting ... This was a quick bicycle that i designed for a competition ..... was a pretty quick job ... took like a week to get it done ....


The brief was to design a bicycle for the indian teenage market of the year 2020 ... i had to study the current scenario and trends and come up with a scenario for the year 2020 as well and keep. Trend mapping and mindsets were the important aspects i looked into.


So please do have a loook and do let me know as to what u think ... and yeah please comment onto what i would probably need to improve on too :)



kind regards




[ The font may be really small but it was supposed to be an A3 print. I put them down it according to that ]




Thats the Scenario building part ....




Renders showing how the bicycle is to look ..




some of the areas and parts explained

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Your design looks good. My first reaction is the frame part looks a little soft? There are some large fillets and quite plain sections in the middle, maybe you could add some more surfacing detail such as the cut-outs in the wheels or some harder edges in the frame?


I think it is a great start you just need to keep on working the design, try printing it off with 50% opacity and sketch some ideas over the top.


Best regards,


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Hi FusionMark


yeah .... i get the point .... it was a quick 4 day project and i saw your video and i learned a lot... like how to start as a single part and export it as different part .. i made everything as individual parts from start ... that ate up a lot of my brain .....


Im currently working on a motorcycle .... ill follow your technique and i will keep u posted on it ... :)


thanks heaps

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