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Black Teflon Coating Vs Black Nickel Plating

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Hello guys


There is a project I am involved in to select right type of finishing for nozzle/tube of foam gun to achieve black color of this part. Now I was suggested to consider following:


*black nickel plating


*black teflon coating


The point is which method will ensure simple cleaning of nozzle/tube from solidified foam?





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Black nickel plating is said to be an alloy deposit from nickel and zinc... the corosion resistance is somehow questionable because basically, nickel plating is just the conversion of the coating of the nickel's surface. However, in terms of accuracy and due to the fact that the process is inexpensive because it is readily electroformable. On the other hand teflon coating or PTFE is widely used in different ways, from the kitchen to the outer space, it is weatherproof and self lubricating it may also be considered cost effective. Teflon is moste commonly used for nozzles so with this two I think it is more practical to go for teflon.

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